Where’s My Backpack? Travel theme: Horizons

Alaskan Horizon

Early morning in Southeast Alaska. Grab a cup of coffee while the crew prepares to make way and just listen to the sea. The gentle tang of the halyards, a distant gull, the huff of a sea lion or the blow of a passing humpback. Now listen to your breath, be one with the moment and let civilization drift away.


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  1. wow, can’t believe it’s real – too beautiful to be true 🙂 No wonder my hubby is dreaming about going to Alaska!


    1. I was in a constant state of amazement in Alaska. Every day brought incredible wildlife, scenery, and the kindest people. You should go. We sailed on a 50 ft sailboat with http://www.soundsailing.com


  2. Tish Farrell says:

    So beautiful, Tracey – words and photo both.


    1. Thank you Tish. Your writing is lovely and I’m grateful for your kind words.


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