Found Treasures: New twist on Fajitas… and a copycat salsa

Found Treasure from Amanda @My Adventures in Dinner Time. Here’s a great weeknight healthy dinner idea. You can pop the fajitas in the oven and get a workout in while it cooks.

My Adventures in Dinner Time

I absolutely LOVE Mexican food, and whenever we go out, I’m usually craving some chicken fajitas.  That enticingly smokey aroma that wafts through the whole restaurant as the waiter carries out your sizzling platter of delisciousness…. *drools*.  When I found this recipe, I’ll admit I was skeptical… fajitas cooked in the oven?  Hmmm, it didn’t seem like it’d have that great of flavors.  Whew, was I ever wrong!  These oven baked chicken fajitas were ahhhh-mazing and ridiculously simple!  You’ll find the original recipe here:

And for me, no Mexican meal is complete without a great condiment to go with it.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of, and drool over, Chipotle restaurants’ salsas.  My personal favorite is definitely the corn salsa… sweet and spicy, flavors galore… it’s perfect.  Except, sometimes… it’s not.  Sometimes they make it sooooo spicy that I can barely eat my food.  Those are sad, sad times…

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