December 8, Holiday Challenge, Meatless Monday

Holiday Challenge: Make a Meatless Meal

Find a few “go to” vegetarian meals that are simple, delicious and not too time consuming. In general vegetarian dishes will be lower in calories and saturated fats. They should increase your vegetable intact. Just because the meat is absent in Mac and Cheese doesn’t make it a healthy vegetarian option. You can recreate standby meals traditionally made with meat by substituting vegetables. Make a big batch and save leftovers for your lunch.
Here are a few recipes ideas from this blog.

Vegetarian Bolognese
Mushroom Tortilla Soup
Pumpkin Kale Enchilada


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  1. It’s all about flavor, and you show that you don’t need to have meat to have a delicious meal!


    1. True Julie. Have a healthy week.

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