Top 3 Myths about Neck Pain

Check out this awesome blog by Martha Peterson about pain relief through movement. It works, I promise. She has also written an informative book with more details.

Pain Relief Through Movement

I’ve worked with a lot of people with neck pain,some so severe that they had to go on disability. In the past  Tiger Woods dropped out of a golf tournament due to neck pain – a bulging disc. He said, “I can deal with the pain, but once it locked up I couldn’t go back or come through…” While adamant that his neck pain had nothing whatsoever to do with his car accident, as I wrote in this post, Tiger has a bad case of Sensory Motor Amnesia.

Here are three myths about neck pain to consider:

Myth #1: Neck pain is all about the neck muscles

Thomas Hanna once said, “a stiff neck is a stiff body.” Muscle tightness in the neck is only a part of a larger IMG_3845muscular pattern of contraction closer to the center of the body. The vertebrae that comprise what we…

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2 responses to “Top 3 Myths about Neck Pain

  1. I am going to try this, although I don’t have chronic neck pain, I do have frozen shoulder and shoulder pain and this might help. I also have arthritis in the lower lumbar area of the back and have pain from time to time sometimes very severe. This is great thank you.


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