Top 3 Myths about Neck Pain

Check out this awesome blog by Martha Peterson about pain relief through movement. It works, I promise. She has also written an informative book with more details.

Pain Relief Through Movement

I’ve worked with a lot of people with neck pain,some so severe that they had to go on disability. In the past  Tiger Woods dropped out of a golf tournament due to neck pain – a bulging disc. He said, “I can deal with the pain, but once it locked up I couldn’t go back or come through…” While adamant that his neck pain had nothing whatsoever to do with his car accident, as I wrote in this post, Tiger has a bad case of Sensory Motor Amnesia.

Here are three myths about neck pain to consider:

Myth #1: Neck pain is all about the neck muscles

Thomas Hanna once said, “a stiff neck is a stiff body.” Muscle tightness in the neck is only a part of a larger IMG_3845muscular pattern of contraction closer to the center of the body. The vertebrae that comprise what we…

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  1. I am going to try this, although I don’t have chronic neck pain, I do have frozen shoulder and shoulder pain and this might help. I also have arthritis in the lower lumbar area of the back and have pain from time to time sometimes very severe. This is great thank you.


    1. What she says makes perfect sense to me for lots of back/neck/shoulder pain syndromes.

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