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First Draft #FridayFictioneers

Photo credit @Sandra Crook

Photo credit @Sandra Crook

First Draft

Renee’s heart raced as she typed the farewell love scene. She had written insurmountable barriers and even the stolen weekend at the beach house couldn’t save the doomed love affair. Continue reading

Black Friday Fitness Tips

Black Friday Fitness Tips – Revisited from last year’s Holiday Challenge

Those of you brave enough to tackle the shopping mall on Black Friday will find ample opportunity to improve your fitness level.

Shopping Tips

Here’s a few suggestions.

1) Find a parking spot located farthest from the food court. If it makes your kids scream, “Can we get a cab from here Mom?”, then you know that you’ve found the perfect spot.

2) Seek out the hidden stairs and climb them unless they smell like urine and the lights bulbs are missing, then don’t. You don’t want to be forced to run for your life. Be reasonable, shopping is supposed to be fun. Right?

3) Practice your football moves on the kiosks barkers. “Hey unsuspecting mall shopper, got a minute?” If you hear them coming, begin evasive moves, stat. You don’t need another cell phone case with sequined skull and crossbones or hair extensions that look like rodents. You just don’t!

And what’s with the Dead Sea Anti-aging, Anti-oxidant, Anti-wrinkle Face Regenerating Serum being sold by the gum chewing 12 year old? “But ma’am it’s from the Dead Sea, get it?” Block and pivot. “LADY, YOU SERIOUSLY NEED THIS!” Keep moving and avoid desperate urge to tackle. Continue reading

A Reasonable Plan And A Narrow Escape, #Friday Fictioneers

Photo Credit @CEAyr @SoundBiteFiction

Photo Credit @CEAyr @SoundBiteFiction

A Reasonable Plan And A Narrow Escape

Admittedly, Sara had been distracted by his charming accent and boyish grin, but in her defense, the bulge in his front pocket did suggest a USB drive. Joining him in his room overlooking the Bellagio fountains seemed like a reasonable plan until he captured her mouth and pawed at her zipper. Seductively slipping her hand into his empty pocket it became clear that he was not her intended contact.

Making her escape, Sara untangled herself from his slobbering and shimmied out the bathroom window. It occurred to her, looking down at her shoe on the Vegas Strip, “Hotel ledges always look wider on the big screen”.



What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but don’t escape without reading more Friday Fictioneers here.

Why Vietnam? #Friday Fictioneers Veteran’s Day Edition

Sharon Ann Lane First Lieutenant 312TH EVAC HOSP, 67TH MED GRP, 44TH MED BDE Army Of The United States 07 July 1943 - 08 June 1969 Canton, OH

Sharon Ann Lane
First Lieutenant
Army Of The United States
07 July 1943 – 08 June 1969
Canton, OH

In observance of Veteran’s Day, I dedicate this post with gratitude to The United States Army Nurses who served in Vietnam. Their sacrifices may have gone unnoticed by many but they earned a special place in every wounded soldier’s heart.

The Vietnam war brought about an evolution in battlefield trauma and critical combat medicine which set new standards for military nursing care. A low mortality rate in field hospitals was attributed in part to the superior nursing care brought about by the ingenuity of young, often times inexperienced nurses, who did everything in their power to provide “state side” nursing care with limited resources. They learned to improvise with the equipment at hand and found ingenious ways to procure supplies that were in critical demand.

In Vietnam there were no front lines or safe areas so every nurse faced the threat of attack during her twelve month tour of duty. The nurses were commended for their consistent courage, ingenuity and dedication. Five thousand nurses served in Vietnam and nine paid the ultimate price for their dedicated service. This post is dedicated to First Lieutenant Sharon Ann Lane, the only American servicewoman to be killed in Vietnam as a direct result of enemy fire. She died June 8, 1969 at the 312th Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, Vietnam.

Now for the photo prompt and my Friday Fictioneers contribution, a 100 word story of sacrifice.

Photo credit @ J.  Hardy Carroll

Photo credit @ J. Hardy Carroll

Why Vietnam?
by Tracey Lane Delaplain

Steam rose from the tarmac, the false wind from the chopper blades, a welcome relief. She inhaled the sodden, fuel laced air of Chu Lai and took in the beehive of the 312th. Distant thunder pierced the cloudless crystal blue sky. Continue reading

Fallen But Not Forgotten – Sunday Photo Fiction


Fallen But Not Forgotten
Tracey Delaplain

Casey welcomed the brisk air, ripe with fireplace smoke and the musty decay of Autumn. The fallen leaves crunched under her boots with a satisfying snap, she kicked a few releasing her anguish on everything in her path. Continue reading

Pimp Your Veg part 5: vegetable patties/fritters/tikkis/burgers/cakes…

More veggie recipes from my favorite vegetarian food blogger. Eat your vegetables. Even kids love veggie “pancakes”. Try one of these for a Thanksgiving appetizer instead of high fat, high calorie snacks.


Making vegetable patties or fritters, or any of the other names in the title, is a great addition to your kitchen repertoire..

a great way of using up raw or cooked vegetables,

adding flavour with herbs and spices,

frying or oven baking,

perfect eaten hot or cold,

creating these wonderful burger shaped goodies is a simple and quick way add more vegetables to your plate…

or for making your own healthy snacks..try one of these mid afternoon instead of something carb or sugar based and boost your energy 🙂

If you read through just a handful of recipes, of which I have a list of suggestions below, you will see that there is a definite regimen for making patties etc:

If you are using cooked vegetables, mash them a bit

If you are using raw vegetables, squeeze out as much liquid as possible

Add some flour/grains and an egg for…

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Unplugged #FridayFictioneers

Friday Fictioneers
Photo credit: Connie Gayer

by Tracey Delaplain, MD

The cold bitter coffee had lost its comforting appeal hours ago. I swallowed the dregs anyway and swirled the remains absently.
Was it possible to read coffee grounds like tea leaves? Continue reading