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Back Pain: It’s Time To Ask Why

Great information about treating back pain without drugs. There is a national push to reduce the use of opioid pain medication (narcotics) because of the risks of addiction, overdose and deaths. I agree with the FDA’s black box warning about the dangers of narcotics. However there is an absolute need for short term narcotic use for acute pain and for carefully monitored chronic pain management. I continually rely on somatic movement techniques to reduce my overactive “pain response” to my injuries. I learned them from this website and by reading Martha Petersen’s book. Enjoy the article and rethink pain management.

Pain Relief Through Movement

A mindful approach to back pain

A recent New York Times article discusses a new approach to easing back pain, called “mindfulness-based stress reduction.” This method involves “a combination of meditation, body awareness and yoga, and focuses on increasing awareness and acceptance of one’s experiences, whether they involve physical discomfort or emotional pain.”

The article cites a study conducted on mindfulness meditation and behavioral cognitive therapy for back pain, which reports that “many people may find relief with a form of meditation that harnesses the power of the mind to manage pain.”

It is a relief to see an article in a major newspaper that reports a different perspective (a somatic perspective!) on back pain. The somatic perspective is the understanding that we humans are not inanimate objects that can fixed like a broken toy or washing machine, but are self-guiding, self-sensing, self-teaching synergistic systems that are experienced from the inside out

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The Last of You, #Friday Fictioneers


Photo Credit – EmmyLGant


The Last of You
“The last dregs of you; a few ashes and bone chips left in a ziplock bag.
A shame that you couldn’t enjoy the view in one piece, but it is a Parisian ashtray. Don’t be ungrateful.”

“I didn’t do it just for the money. Although, I suppose I will get used to first class: the champagne and caviar, such a nice touch really.”

“Now Darling, you mustn’t keep me. I have another engagement.”

“What’s that you say?”

“Of course I couldn’t have done it alone, I’m weak and worthless. Isn’t that what you always said?”

Here are the remains of my Friday Fictioneers offering. I’m a bit dusty having written nothing of substance for two months whilst living in a small Mexican village on the Sea of Cortez. The Internet is sketchy at best so please except my apologies for not posting or commenting. I will be moving my writing to another blog in the near future to separate it from my health blog. Please stay tuned and when it goes live, I hope you’ll follow me@

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