Easy Pumpkin Pie, Just 4 Ingredients That You Can Find in Baja

Easy pumpkin pie made with sweetened condensed milk?

I know, making pumpkin pie is never complicated but this recipe is so easy that you don’t even need to measure anything. I think I made my first pumpkin pie when I was 12 and believe me when I say, “I’m not a baker.” I have to admit that making pie crust scares me a bit. I found this great article at Food 52 with several recipes for pie crust and some day…..I’ll make a butter or coconut oil pie crust. Actually I’ve never seen prepared pie crusts in Baja so if I want to make a pie for Thanksgiving then I better get over my pie crust fears or make crust less desserts like crumbles.

My blog friends make pie baking look so easy. Share your recipe in the comments and I’ll re-post them. I can’t be the only girl in Baja who is afraid of pie crust!


Health tip:

I used a Trader Joe’s pie crust for this pie because it has coconut oil and no lard or trans fats (hydrogenated oils are trans fats). Given the choice I will choose coconut oil, butter, or lard over hydrogenated oils every time. Vegetable shortening is a hydrogenated oil.

What’s the deal with trans fats?
Trans fats never leave your fat cells until the cells die and they increase inflammation in your body and increase the bad cholesterol, LDL and reduce the good cholesterol, HDL. They are the most dangerous fats you can eat. Here’s a quick article from the Mayo Clinic about trans fats.

Read the labels:

There is a product in Mexico that is on the shelves next to the condensed milk products in the baking section of the market that has no milk but is a can of trans fats. Read the labels closely because this product looks like sweetened condensed milk but is actually hydrogenated vegetable oil with sugar or even worse, fructose. It is less expensive but don’t be fooled into buying it. Sweetened condensed milk is not a healthy product either but at least it’s real food and if you are making this easy pumpkin pie or key lime pie it is an essential ingredient.

There is room for dessert as part of a healthy lifestyle, but keep the portions small, eat them sparingly and savor every bite.

If I haven’t scared you to death about eating this easy pumpkin pie then here’s the recipe. I thought I was a genius for developing this recipe. Uh, not so much. There are a million versions of this 4 ingredient pie all over the internet. *sigh.

[lt_recipe name=”Easy Pumpkin Pie” servings=”8″ prep_time=”10 MINUTES” cook_time=”45 MINUTES” total_time=”55 MINUTES” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”Mix pumpkin, sweetened condensed milk, eggs and spices for a quick and easy pie. ” print=”yes” image=”http://mybajakitchen.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/741CC440-4A51-4459-9C19-AC978A371766-225×300.jpeg” ingredients=”1 prepared pie crust;14 oz can of pumpkin or 2 cups cooked pumpkin;10 oz can sweetened condensed milk;3 eggs;1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice” ]Pre-heat oven to 425F;Mix all ingredients in a food processor or with a mixer until smooth. ;Fill prepared pie crust.;Bake 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 350F without opening the oven door. Continue baking another 30 minutes. Pie should be set when finished. Let cool and serve with whipping cream or la crema if desired. [/lt_recipe]

What’s your favorite, easy pie crust recipe without hydrogenated oils, which includes vegetable shortening, that even I can’t mess up?  Please share in the comments and I’ll re-post your recipe. 

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. chef mimi says:

    Nice! I bet you are limited in what foods you can buy at the stores there! Have you ever thought about used cajeta in a pumpkin pie? I haven’t, but it just came to me!


    1. Cajeta, mmmm,the ladies of the rancheros make excellent cajeta. That’s a great idea. What could be wrong about caramel in pie. Think about it in apple pie! Yum. Thanks for stopping by. I just found your site as well.


      1. chef mimi says:

        Thank you! I just thought that if you use sweetened condensed milk, a jar or can of cajeta could be a really flavorful substitute! (I love the stuff!)


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