BrightLine Eating Menu, Low Carb Meal Ideas

BrightLine Eating Menu

Recipe Ideas:

Cauliflower Pizza Crust  I used this same recipe to make cauliflower tortillas for Chicken Fajittas

Pork Egg Roll Bowls
Rick Bayless’s Ceviche with fresh yellow tail jack or red snapper which I hope to catch on Saturday. (I will really be watching for blue and humpback whales while my husband fishes. If a fish jumps on my line then I will reel it in but I won’t watch it die.) 😞

I also like to make Hawaiian Poke with sashimi.

Grilled fish with lime and basil.

I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables and salads. Lettuce salad can get a little boring so try mixing roasted vegetables like beets and sweet potatoes to greens or legumes. Add orange, lemon or lime juice to olive oil for fresh citrus salad dressings. Mix up your greens with chard, kale, spinach and fresh herbs. Here’s a hearty winter salad to try, Lentil Sweet Potato Salad Leave the maple syrup out if you’re eating with BrightLine. I don’t think it’s necessary anyway.

Did you try brushing and flossing your teeth immediately after dinner to avoid night time binging?

If you like Pinterest check out my Whole Food Recipe Board. and Health Chicken Recipes.


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