Vegan Whole Food Apple Cake, Gluten and Oil Free

I’ve been thinking about and planning vegan holiday recipes. You can see my Vegan Holiday Recipe Pinterest Board here. 
Every magazine is featuring Thanksgiving recipes but there are very few vegan or vegetarian recipes. Many of the side dishes can easily be made vegan by eliminating cheeses, eggs and butter. I plan to be flexible during the holidays. I don’t want to miss out on socializing with friends and family because of my diet. I plan to bring a vegan dish to share and not ask about the ingredients of other dishes served. I don’t see myself eating turkey but the side dishes are the best part of holiday meals anyway, so I plan to indulge. For some reason, I continue to be “flexible” about desserts and tend to ignore butter or milk. 🤨 I’m working on it, don’t judge.

Here’s a true vegan, dairy free, oil free, processed sugar free, gluten free cake that ticks all the boxes for a holiday dessert.

I’ve adapted this whole food cake from several sources and my favorite so far is a loaded apple cinnamon cake. It needs no frosting or added sugar. Delicious and moist. I used organic honey crisp apples but any firm apple on the tart side will work. I’ve tried zucchini and carrot and liked them both. Try combining fruit and a vegetable or add pear or berries.  I used almond milk and homemade soy yogurt but any non-dairy milks and yogurt would work. This cake is versatile and you really can’t mess it up. There is a fair amount of sugar from the dates, raisins and banana but there’s also a lot of fiber so it’s probably better than a white flour and sugar based cake.  The cake is oil free but you could add chopped nuts if you want some added fat. The banana and flax seed stand in for eggs. Use gluten free oats if necessary. I have made frostings with coconut cream and powdered sugar but I think I prefer the cake without any frosting.

Whole Food Vegan Gluten Free Oat Cake, 4 Ways

Here is the basic cake with a layer of mixed berries.

And carrot cake with cashew, coconut and date frosting.

I’m packing for my southern migration. You’d think there are no stores in Baja the way I’ve been packing. Nuts, coffee, soy beans, shelf stable tofu, spices, simmering sauces, etc, etc. I plan to start a new series on vegan Mexican recipes so stay tuned.  I always make a weekly menu but sometimes I’m too lazy to post it.

Leave me a comment if you’re reading or have questions.




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