An American Snowbird Explores Baja

An American snowbird explores Baja Mexican culture and cuisine. Emphasizing healthy diet recipes, an abundance of seafood, vegetarian substitutions, healthier fats, lower fat meats, whole foods, fruits, and vegetables while keeping traditional Mexican recipes in mind. Baja Mexican – Mediterranean fusion cuisine.

I live a somewhat nomadic life between Loreto, Mexico, a small town on the Sea of Cortez and los Estados Unidos in Northern Nevada and Northern California.

I’m a physician, a sailor, a foodie and a recipe designer. I write fiction, travel articles, medical narrative and lots of rants about whatever needs ranting about. I believe in good food and the company of great friends. My Baja and Nevada Kitchens are always open. Grab an apron and come along.

My Baja Kitchen is a place for la gringa (that’s me Tracey) to explore the flips and flops of Baja, Mexico cooking. I’m a story teller and a foodie. I’m passionate about healthy living and clean eating.  I never back down from a challenge and believe me Mexico does challenge me on a regular basis.  Follow my stories of struggle and triumph as an American snowbird.  My cuisine is a fusion of traditional Mexican and Mediterranean flavors and techniques. I use an abundance of the freshest fruits and vegetables I can find. I emphasize local seafood and lean meats. I’m recreating traditional Mexican meals by reducing cheese, lard and creams.  In keeping with a healthy diet you’ll see substitutions and additions of olive oil, whole grains, and legumes which are readily available in this incredible land between the desert and the sea.

Join me on my journey. An American snowbird explores Baja.