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Exit the Scoundrel #Friday Fictioneers


Photo Credit@ Jean L. Hays

Exit the Scoundrel

by Tracey Delaplain

Restless sleep and endless revisions fueled the writer’s annoyance. Mr. Edwards, a minor nondescript character, had disappeared halfway through chapter 13, leaving her with a plot hole, an angry cast and a throbbing headache.

“Your coffee ma’am.  A charming man in a cloak sent this over. He said to tell the lady that he rather liked playing the scoundrel, so you’re to protect your dreams tonight.”

Finger on the delete button she replied, “I will not negotiate with a literary terrorist.”

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First Draft #FridayFictioneers

Photo credit @Sandra Crook

Photo credit @Sandra Crook

First Draft

Renee’s heart raced as she typed the farewell love scene. She had written insurmountable barriers and even the stolen weekend at the beach house couldn’t save the doomed love affair. Continue reading

Mr. Edwards and the Open Road, #Friday Fictioneers

Every time I think I can’t possibly find a story within the photo prompt, Mr. Edwards, my novel time traveler, nudges me and begs for another 100 words.  The poor man tries to squeeze every last thrill out of his 100 word life.  We should all do the same.

Will he ever get the girl? Will he ever get his own novel life? Those are the unanswered questions which in fact do not worry him in the least.

We can all learn from Mr. Edwards, “It’s the journey that matters not the destination. Don’t wait until the last page to really live.”

Photo credit @The Reclining Gentleman

Photo credit @The Reclining Gentleman

Mr. Edwards and The Open Road

By Tracey Delaplain

In a supreme effort to impress Ms. Fanny before the dastardly handsome Juan Wayne would steal her heart in chapter 17, Mr. Edwards divined the brilliant idea to take her on a road trip, whereby he could woo her without interruption. He tiptoed out of chapter 13, his appearance on the page would after all not be missed until chapter 17, whereby without an intervention, the widow Fanny would reject his fumbled advances.
The fact that Mr. Edwards had never driven and had forgotten to pick up the widow was of no consequence. He appropriated a chariot and took to the open road. Speeding down the causeway at 10 mph he welcomed the police escort.


I know, I know, I’m over Mr. Edwards’ 100 word allotment but give the guy a break he so loves to steal a few extra words.
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A Novel Romance #FridayFictioneers

Photo credit @Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields

If you missed the story of Mr. Edwards and his stumble into a new century you can read about him here. For more entertaining flash fiction please follow the link to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the weekly host of Friday Fictioneers.

Genre: Novel Time Travel
A Novel Romance
by Tracey Delaplain

Mr. Edwards, having recently jumped to the conclusion that life outside of his novel would be more rewarding than living within its confines, had miscalculated the consequences of empty pockets and limited word resources in this new century. Continue reading

Exit The Page – Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt@Sandra Crook

Photo prompt@Sandra Crook

Mr. Edwards stumbled over a capital letter as he retreated. He had been written as a one-dimensional minor character and the dusty pages had tormented him for a century. A hasty decision, he exited exactly 100 words past his introduction. Continue reading