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The Last of You, #Friday Fictioneers


Photo Credit – EmmyLGant


The Last of You
“The last dregs of you; a few ashes and bone chips left in a ziplock bag.
A shame that you couldn’t enjoy the view in one piece, but it is a Parisian ashtray. Don’t be ungrateful.”

“I didn’t do it just for the money. Although, I suppose I will get used to first class: the champagne and caviar, such a nice touch really.”

“Now Darling, you mustn’t keep me. I have another engagement.”

“What’s that you say?”

“Of course I couldn’t have done it alone, I’m weak and worthless. Isn’t that what you always said?”

Here are the remains of my Friday Fictioneers offering. I’m a bit dusty having written nothing of substance for two months whilst living in a small Mexican village on the Sea of Cortez. The Internet is sketchy at best so please except my apologies for not posting or commenting. I will be moving my writing to another blog in the near future to separate it from my health blog. Please stay tuned and when it goes live, I hope you’ll follow me@

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Exit the Scoundrel #Friday Fictioneers


Photo Credit@ Jean L. Hays

Exit the Scoundrel

by Tracey Delaplain

Restless sleep and endless revisions fueled the writer’s annoyance. Mr. Edwards, a minor nondescript character, had disappeared halfway through chapter 13, leaving her with a plot hole, an angry cast and a throbbing headache.

“Your coffee ma’am.  A charming man in a cloak sent this over. He said to tell the lady that he rather liked playing the scoundrel, so you’re to protect your dreams tonight.”

Finger on the delete button she replied, “I will not negotiate with a literary terrorist.”

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It Should Matter

Photo Credit @Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Photo Credit @Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

It Should Matter

All the words that would never be said swirled down the drain. My pride went with them; grey and dirty and used. My shame was overshadowed by your reflection in the window. Tousled from the night you spent in my bed, not a hint of remorse, you lit a Marlboro with the monogrammed lighter: your initials intertwined with hers.

I suppose I should have asked. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

Did you lie or did I? I told you it didn’t matter. It does matter but the words are gone now and I hope you’ll go with them.

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Big Bird Gets the Axe

Photo Credit@Luther Siler

Big Bird Gets the Axe

“Sesame Street’s themes of tolerance and acceptance are outdated and Fox News has approached us with an affiliate agreement that would increase market shares for both organizations. If we start teaching hate in pre-school, we are certain to recruit future Fox viewers. Cruella, please show us your design for Big Bird’s replacement.”
Continue reading

First Draft #FridayFictioneers

Photo credit @Sandra Crook

Photo credit @Sandra Crook

First Draft

Renee’s heart raced as she typed the farewell love scene. She had written insurmountable barriers and even the stolen weekend at the beach house couldn’t save the doomed love affair. Continue reading

A Reasonable Plan And A Narrow Escape, #Friday Fictioneers

Photo Credit @CEAyr @SoundBiteFiction

Photo Credit @CEAyr @SoundBiteFiction

A Reasonable Plan And A Narrow Escape

Admittedly, Sara had been distracted by his charming accent and boyish grin, but in her defense, the bulge in his front pocket did suggest a USB drive. Joining him in his room overlooking the Bellagio fountains seemed like a reasonable plan until he captured her mouth and pawed at her zipper. Seductively slipping her hand into his empty pocket it became clear that he was not her intended contact.

Making her escape, Sara untangled herself from his slobbering and shimmied out the bathroom window. It occurred to her, looking down at her shoe on the Vegas Strip, “Hotel ledges always look wider on the big screen”.



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Why Vietnam? #Friday Fictioneers Veteran’s Day Edition

Sharon Ann Lane First Lieutenant 312TH EVAC HOSP, 67TH MED GRP, 44TH MED BDE Army Of The United States 07 July 1943 - 08 June 1969 Canton, OH

Sharon Ann Lane
First Lieutenant
Army Of The United States
07 July 1943 – 08 June 1969
Canton, OH

In observance of Veteran’s Day, I dedicate this post with gratitude to The United States Army Nurses who served in Vietnam. Their sacrifices may have gone unnoticed by many but they earned a special place in every wounded soldier’s heart.

The Vietnam war brought about an evolution in battlefield trauma and critical combat medicine which set new standards for military nursing care. A low mortality rate in field hospitals was attributed in part to the superior nursing care brought about by the ingenuity of young, often times inexperienced nurses, who did everything in their power to provide “state side” nursing care with limited resources. They learned to improvise with the equipment at hand and found ingenious ways to procure supplies that were in critical demand.

In Vietnam there were no front lines or safe areas so every nurse faced the threat of attack during her twelve month tour of duty. The nurses were commended for their consistent courage, ingenuity and dedication. Five thousand nurses served in Vietnam and nine paid the ultimate price for their dedicated service. This post is dedicated to First Lieutenant Sharon Ann Lane, the only American servicewoman to be killed in Vietnam as a direct result of enemy fire. She died June 8, 1969 at the 312th Evacuation Hospital in Chu Lai, Vietnam.

Now for the photo prompt and my Friday Fictioneers contribution, a 100 word story of sacrifice.

Photo credit @ J.  Hardy Carroll

Photo credit @ J. Hardy Carroll

Why Vietnam?
by Tracey Lane Delaplain

Steam rose from the tarmac, the false wind from the chopper blades, a welcome relief. She inhaled the sodden, fuel laced air of Chu Lai and took in the beehive of the 312th. Distant thunder pierced the cloudless crystal blue sky. Continue reading