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Pimp Your Veg part 2: spices are your friend! 

More veggie magic from Elaine @FoodBod. Its all about the spice, ’bout the spice.


If you have ever read any of my blog then you know that I love spices; these beautifully coloured aromatic powders have the power to not only nourish and heal our bodies, but to completely change any meal.

Just a teaspoon of the right spice can take a dish from bland to grand!

When it comes to embracing vegetables and learning to add more of them to your meals, I think spices are your secret weapon. You can bring all the flavours you love to your plate via your vegetables and make them sing.

Likewise you can use dried herbs, but for me, it’s all about spices, that’s where I would begin…and again, I know that lots of you use spices regularly and know far more than me about them, so please pass this onto to anyone you think might find it useful 🙂

Please keep in mind, this is…

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Pimp Your Veg part 1 : roasting vegetables 

Elaine @Foodbod shares her secrets for preparing fabulous vegetables. She’s a vegetarian who turns veggies into works of delicious art. “Eat your vegetables.”


Thank you all so much for your positive responses to my new series, it’s so lovely to know that you are all with me 🙂

So, here we go…part 1: roasting vegetables

If you recall from my introduction post, the inspiration behind this series is a friend of mine who is on a weight loss journey and who needs some ideas for making vegetables interesting. For me, vegetables are THE most interesting food, but for some people, it’s a challenge to include more of these wonderful plant foods in their meals, so I’m hoping to provide him, and maybe you, with new ideas..

Starting with the wonderful world of roasted vegetables.

For me, this is my favourite way to enjoy vegetables. If all you ever do is steam or boil vegetables, I fear that you may not find them sufficiently interesting for long, especially if you don’t have…

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Roasted Mojito Chicken

Another Found Treasure recipe for your archives. Pin this one for a fresh, healthy chicken dish. Love it!

The McCallum's Shamrock Patch

Mojito ChickenRoasted Mojito Chicken will be the juiciest, most delicious, roasted chicken recipe you’ll ever make. It will have your family raving about your Roasted Chicken for weeks, combining a white rum Mojito Marinade with fresh mint and sliced limes, simply seasoned with cumin, kosher salt, and freshly ground pepper

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Advent Calendar Day 21: Reindeer Magic

Holiday Challenge: Be kind to animals because you don’t who you will be in your next life.

Reindeer food for Karmic adjustment. Enjoy The Glen House’s lovely Advent Posts.

The Glen House


All this talk about edible gifts to share with friends and family (you could leave one of these out for Santa on Christmas Eve), and I nearly forgot the poor old reindeer! No need for a boring carrot, mix up some magical reindeer food…


Melissa xx

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Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings : Found Treasures

Check out these cauliflower buffalo wings. A spicy low carb and vegetarian snack. You know you want some. I think you’ll like Bubbles and Booyah too.

Bubbles and booyah

photo 3 (2) Crispy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. My mouth is watering, I want to lick my computer screen. So. Damn. Good.

There is an extremely short list of foods I “miss” as a vegetarian.

  1. Buffalo Wings
  2. Italian Deli Meats (pepperoni, salami, capicola)

There really is no replacement for the deli meats, but that’s okay – I have to Let It Goooo (now you’ll have that Frozen song stuck in your head for the rest of the day – you’re welcome). Buffalo “wings”, however, as a Western New Yorker, I refuse to let go of. Nope – ain’t happenin’. First there were the MorningStar Farms Buffalo Wings that made me want to cry tears of joy when I first saw them in Wegmans when I was in high school – they are good, but not “saucy” enough (and the texture left something to be desired). Then there were the Vegetarian Buffalo Wings (consisting of…

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Found Treasures: New twist on Fajitas… and a copycat salsa

Found Treasure from Amanda @My Adventures in Dinner Time. Here’s a great weeknight healthy dinner idea. You can pop the fajitas in the oven and get a workout in while it cooks.

My Adventures in Dinner Time

I absolutely LOVE Mexican food, and whenever we go out, I’m usually craving some chicken fajitas.  That enticingly smokey aroma that wafts through the whole restaurant as the waiter carries out your sizzling platter of delisciousness…. *drools*.  When I found this recipe, I’ll admit I was skeptical… fajitas cooked in the oven?  Hmmm, it didn’t seem like it’d have that great of flavors.  Whew, was I ever wrong!  These oven baked chicken fajitas were ahhhh-mazing and ridiculously simple!  You’ll find the original recipe here:

And for me, no Mexican meal is complete without a great condiment to go with it.  I’m sure you’ve all heard of, and drool over, Chipotle restaurants’ salsas.  My personal favorite is definitely the corn salsa… sweet and spicy, flavors galore… it’s perfect.  Except, sometimes… it’s not.  Sometimes they make it sooooo spicy that I can barely eat my food.  Those are sad, sad times…

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Found Treasures- Citrus Chicken with Sage

A Found Treasure from Selma’s Table. This one pot chicken meal is rich with citrus and sage. It’s perfect for a weekend meal or pop it in the oven before you go for a long walk.

Selma's Table

Citrus Chicken with Sage | Selma's TableA clementine or satsuma is part of our breakfast these days, in the vain hope of keeping at bay, the season’s coughs and colds but a recent purchase of a bag of clementines yielded mouth puckering, lip curling, sour fruit that neither of us can eat. Rather than throwing them away, I have been using them in place of lemons for a similar return in acidity but with a softer more floral flavour.

Chicken and orange is a classic combination and as my eyes fell on the bowl full of sour clementines, I didn’t think twice about adding them to the chicken as I rushed to get something ready for dinner the other night. My Citrus Chicken with Sage is an easy, self saucing, one pan dish that looks after itself while you get on with other things; all it really needs is a salad to round it off.

Citrus Chicken with Sage | Selma's TableI placed all the ingredients in a…

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