Parmesan Cabrilla, Pesto Crashed Potatoes and Asparagus, One Pan Dinner

  Cabrilla is a type of grouper found in the Sea of Cortez, Baja. The large flake white flesh is on the firm side with a mild taste. I think it’s similar to Alaskan cod or halibut. We paid approximately $7 a pound which is expensive for fish here. I couldn’t find a lemon for…

Ten Essential Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without in Mexico

Seeing double? No, it’s me not you. I’m growing my new blog at MyBajaKitchen but it’s lonely over there so I thought I’d post on both blogs (or maybe you do need your eyes checked) 🤔 to entice you to come visit me! I’m writing recipes and stories from my expat life in Baja, Mexico,…

La Gringa’s Weekly Menu

More at My Baja Kitchen. Please follow the tortilla crumbs to my new kitchen where you will find more Baja cuisine and expat tales from the Baja.  

I’m moving to My Baja Kitchen

I am slowing moving What’s for Dinner Doc to I hope you’ll join me at the new location and subscribe via email so you don’t miss any part of this adventure in the Baja. Take a walk with me around the neighborhood. Loreto Bay, Nopolo, BCS, Mexico. The new site will focus on more…

Baja Confetti Shrimp And Pasta

Choose the freshest produce for your confetti; yellow, red and or orange bell peppers look beautiful in any dish. Red onion doesn’t always hold its sassy purple color so I used a white onion which is also milder in Mexico. Red onions are very hot here so I save them for spicy pico de gallo….