I Stopped Cooking In Aluminum Foil, Should You?

Graphic by Canva This is a duplicate post from http://www.MyBajaKitchen.com It’s ok, I know the author, La Gringa, like I know myself. Please wander over to my new blog, it’s lonely over there. I promise that there is a comment section and it is just a bit more difficult to use than WP.com. Does anyone…

Ten Essential Kitchen Gadgets You Can’t Live Without in Mexico

Seeing double? No, it’s me not you. I’m growing my new blog at MyBajaKitchen but it’s lonely over there so I thought I’d post on both blogs (or maybe you do need your eyes checked) 🤔 to entice you to come visit me! I’m writing recipes and stories from my expat life in Baja, Mexico,…

La Gringa’s Weekly Menu

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IFBC International Food Blogger Conference, La Gringa Takes a Trip

La Gringa’s Big Day Out I’m attending the International Food Bloggers Conference in Sacramento, California on Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2017. This will be my first food blogging conference. I attended Blogher and learned a lot about blogging in general and had a great time meeting other bloggers. I’m determined to get my cookbook and my…

La Gringa’s Weekly Menu

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