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An Emptiness – Friday Fictioneers

Friday fictioneers

Photo credit @Madison Woods

An Emptiness

Max lie awake, restless, the campfire crackling, sending sparks towards the clouded moon. He wondered about the new kid’s story, “Idiot, nearly got his self killed falling off a west bound.”

Max gathered stories and every hobo had one, it always came down to gnawing hunger. Truth be told, an empty belly wasn’t the only hunger that put a drifter on the rails but it sure enough would stick with ya.

“A man gets starved for permanence: a warm bed, a soft woman, a kid, anything that he can call his own; leaves ya with an emptiness that no amount of grub can fill.”

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Kind Lady Doctor Lives Here


Photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers
Jennifer Pendergast

Kind Lady Doctor Lives Here

I gently touched the angry scar where his larynx used to be. He motioned for a blank piece of paper and his companion handed him a nub of chalk. Confused, I watched my patient draw a friendly cat and a cross. Puzzled, I raised a brow at his disheveled companion. Continue reading