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Make Mine a Guinness

A bit of St. Patrick’s Day fun.

What's On Your Mind, Doc?

Pegman took a stroll around my favorite city, Dublin, and despite the beautiful and historically significant sites, the stick man found a Corona Light billboard. I try to be culturally sensitive but light beer in Ireland?


I will not drink Corona, not with my feet in sand, not with pesos in my hand. I will not drink it any time. Not even with a bright key lime.

That being said, join me for a pint and some flash fiction with Pegman.
Make Mine A Guinness
by T. Delaplain

“Gimme a pint Paddy.”
“I’ll build it for ya Mick, let me get rid of the Yank drinking Mexican horse piss, kids today wouldn’t know their Guinness from their Smithwick.”
“No rush, herself is at a hen party for Mrs. Shea tonight. I told the Mrs. she was too old to be chasing the craic. Not the proper thing at…

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Back Pain: It’s Time To Ask Why

Great information about treating back pain without drugs. There is a national push to reduce the use of opioid pain medication (narcotics) because of the risks of addiction, overdose and deaths. I agree with the FDA’s black box warning about the dangers of narcotics. However there is an absolute need for short term narcotic use for acute pain and for carefully monitored chronic pain management. I continually rely on somatic movement techniques to reduce my overactive “pain response” to my injuries. I learned them from this website and by reading Martha Petersen’s book. Enjoy the article and rethink pain management.

Pain Relief Through Movement

A mindful approach to back pain

A recent New York Times article discusses a new approach to easing back pain, called “mindfulness-based stress reduction.” This method involves “a combination of meditation, body awareness and yoga, and focuses on increasing awareness and acceptance of one’s experiences, whether they involve physical discomfort or emotional pain.”

The article cites a study conducted on mindfulness meditation and behavioral cognitive therapy for back pain, which reports that “many people may find relief with a form of meditation that harnesses the power of the mind to manage pain.”

It is a relief to see an article in a major newspaper that reports a different perspective (a somatic perspective!) on back pain. The somatic perspective is the understanding that we humans are not inanimate objects that can fixed like a broken toy or washing machine, but are self-guiding, self-sensing, self-teaching synergistic systems that are experienced from the inside out

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How to feed a vegetarian dinner guest..

Here’s an interesting blog about feeding a vegetarian guest. I’m not a vegetarian but friends often ask me, “What do you eat?” I eat real food, mostly vegetables and fish. I agree with Elaine, my favorite vegetarian: ask your guest what they would like to eat, ask them to bring a dish that fits their diet and don’t stress out about it.


This time of year, I see a lot of articles and posts talking about what to feed a vegetarian guest should you find one sat at your Christmas dinner table; I always find it interesting to see what suggestions are proffered and I’m afraid, I very rarely agree. So often the solutions offered are pasta dishes smothered in some sort of cheese sauce, or something wrapped in pastry…basically, heavy dishes that, quite frankly, I wouldn’t eat. Where are the beautifully cooked vegetables in all their glory??

So, I thought I would give my view point, being as I am, the ‘vegetarian guest’..

It’s funny because in my world, I’m one of many; I share my virtual world with many vegetarians & vegans, and in my real world my two best friends are also vegetarian – it wasn’t a prerequisite of our friendship or anything, it just happened that way; just…

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Pimp Your Veg part 5: vegetable patties/fritters/tikkis/burgers/cakes…

More veggie recipes from my favorite vegetarian food blogger. Eat your vegetables. Even kids love veggie “pancakes”. Try one of these for a Thanksgiving appetizer instead of high fat, high calorie snacks.


Making vegetable patties or fritters, or any of the other names in the title, is a great addition to your kitchen repertoire..

a great way of using up raw or cooked vegetables,

adding flavour with herbs and spices,

frying or oven baking,

perfect eaten hot or cold,

creating these wonderful burger shaped goodies is a simple and quick way add more vegetables to your plate…

or for making your own healthy snacks..try one of these mid afternoon instead of something carb or sugar based and boost your energy 🙂

If you read through just a handful of recipes, of which I have a list of suggestions below, you will see that there is a definite regimen for making patties etc:

If you are using cooked vegetables, mash them a bit

If you are using raw vegetables, squeeze out as much liquid as possible

Add some flour/grains and an egg for…

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# NaNoWriMo


Write a novel in 30 days! That’s the plan.
I vow to shut off my internal editor and just write.
Let me know in the comments if you are planning to join this insanity. My user name on NaNoWriMo is tdelaplain.



The Autumn/Fall Menu | September 2015

This gallery contains 5 photos.

I’m so excited for the Fall Dinner Party Collective. This is free dinner party and wine pairing advice at its best. Go check it out and follow along. Good food and good company increases your happiness factor!

The Auto Correct From Hell: An Apology!

I am so sorry that you may have received an email with my last post with a typo in the title. It should have said, “Share a Coke with Obesity” Not Come.
Feel free to delete me off or your email list.
Ugh, I hate autocorrect because I swear it changes words after I close WordPress.
I’m going to shut up now and I’m blushing.