When We Are Just Doctors

I write about health and wellness, life and death, and human suffering through fiction and narrative medicine but this post is profoundly personal and was painful to share. My family has suffered many losses in the last few years. Both of my parents and my oldest sister have passed away in the last three years….

Kind Lady Doctor Lives Here

Kind Lady Doctor Lives Here I gently touched the angry scar where his larynx used to be. He motioned for a blank piece of paper and his companion handed him a nub of chalk. Confused, I watched my patient draw a friendly cat and a cross. Puzzled, I raised a brow at his disheveled companion.

A Chance To Cut, A Letter To My Son

This is the third in the series of letters to my son the medical student who grew into a surgeon. The letters have helped me renew my commitment to compassionate healthcare and medical education. It is too easy to lose your way as a physician when faced with the daily stress of real medicine. Spending…