Fallen But Not Forgotten – Sunday Photo Fiction

Fallen But Not Forgotten by Tracey Delaplain Casey welcomed the brisk air, ripe with fireplace smoke and the musty decay of Autumn. The fallen leaves crunched under her boots with a satisfying snap, she kicked a few releasing her anguish on everything in her path.

A New Normal #FridayFictioneers

A New Normal “Dad wanted to be buried at sea?” you asked as we wrestled the mahogany canoe to the shore and waited for high tide to carry us out. I couldn’t find my voice, but nodded in reply. “Did he really carve this boat?”

When We Are Just Doctors

I write about health and wellness, life and death, and human suffering through fiction and narrative medicine but this post is profoundly personal and was painful to share. My family has suffered many losses in the last few years. Both of my parents and my oldest sister have passed away in the last three years….

Whiskey For My Men

PHOTO PROMPT © G.L. MacMillan Whiskey For My Men “Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses,” a sleeve against his mouth Max swallowed the fire and reached for his guitar. The usual camp noises were muffled: a rustling of bedrolls and saddles, the horses chewing on the day’s events, a soft bellow from a…

Faith Shaken

Photo credit @Rochelle Wisoff-Fields Faith Shaken Kneeling in deference to the rituals of her youth, “Holy Mary Mother of God,” she prayed, stumbling over the words, searching for a faith that had long eluded her, “surely You, must understand?” The ceiling fan in the hospital chapel rattled in an off-balance cadence; tilting on its axis,…


Photo credit: David Stewart 100 Word Flash Fiction Breathless I fell under her spell at first glance; a gamine debutante and a ragged jazz player with no future. As our story unfolded, the music allowed no divide, every mournful note of her violin was answered by the soulful sigh of my sax.