Designing a menu with the freshest ingredients you can find.


I always try to find the freshest local produce when I shop and then I make my menu for the week based on the ingredients I have on hand. The veggies are the stars in most meals I make and the meat or dairy is in a supporting role.


Lentil and feta stuffed peppers, steamed broccoli, apricot, black berries and a fennel blood orange salad. All served on a salad plate. 6 weight watchers points plus, fiber and vitamin packed.

Meal ideas for the rest of the week?
Lemony garlic kale Caesar salad and grilled Alaskan salmon
Zucchini faux pasta with pesto and chicken
Apples sautéed with 5 spice and pork tenderloin
Cauliflower faux potato salad and a turkey burger on a bagel thin
Red leaf lettuce and tomato salad lunches with goat Gouda from Trader Joes

I promise to post the recipes soon. (Baby steps, peeps. This is challenging stuff, like rocket science really)
Anyway you get the idea. Buy fresh produce and plan your weekly menu around the fruits and veggies.

Easy, peasy and no Krap Mac ‘n Cheesy needed.

Savor every bite


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