total touchdown: kale caesar salad with olive oil tuna & toasted panko

Eat Power Foods like kale, tuna and olive oil.

I made this for dinner tonight with the kale and radishes I picked up on Monday.
Check out Cory@Eat&Relish. Follow the link for the original article below for the recipe and instructions. It is super easy and Cory’s photos are amazing.

As I find my blog mojo I think my talent will be finding outrageously good recipes that demonstrate my healthy advice. Eat power foods like organic kale and tuna.

I used farm fresh organic raw egg today in my dressing. If you use store-bought caged chicken eggs I would be leery of salmonella contamination. Chickens should be free to roam and eat nature foods, just saying. But that’s another blog post, perhaps with pictures of the “girls” who lay the eggs.

I shredded the kale in 1/4 inch strips which makes it more tender. Kale can be very chewy in bigger pieces. Tuna in olive oil is the best, just drain off most of the oil. You will never go back to water packed dry tuna. Olive oil is a “good fat” so use it in moderation. The toasted panko was delish, like a crouton in every bite. Brilliant in fact.

I used Monday’s left over lentils to make a vegetable soup with cumin, ginger and mustard seed for an Indian flare to complete the meal. I have a cold so the ginger and warm spices were great for my scratchy throat. Good advise from Jessica @ easytobegreenandhealthy.

E A T & R E L I S H

kale caesar salad with olive oil tuna and toasted panko

Because it’s Friday, and because I love you, and because there is a certain sporting event that will take place on Sunday that mandates drinking beer and eating heathenly things like wings covered in butter with a dash of hot sauce and cheese-y/guacamole-y/sour cream-y/refried bean-y concoctions guaranteed to add 7 layers to – ahem – places other than just dips (hips?!), I present to you….

kale caesar with toasted panko and olive oil tuna - anchovies

The kale caesar salad.

kale caesar with toasted panko and olive oil tuna - kale leaves

Ok, ok I know…..kale is having a ‘moment’ of sorts; it was seemingly omnipresent in 2013, made into chips, liquified into juices, made into brownies….

kale caesar with toasted panko and olive oil tuna - sliced radish

I’m sorry but that’s just taking it too far.

kale caesar with toasted panko and olive oil tuna - dressing ingredients

I have to disagree with anyone (and, well, everyone) who is heralding kale as the veggie fad of 2013. Sure it did get lots of press last year, and I have to admit that even the most basic supermarkets seem to be stocking at least…

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  1. Good stuff. Healthy eating has gotten my Mom to 96 so I’m a believer. Except when sorely tempted! But you definitely are what you eat.


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