Putting Your Emergency Contact and Allergies on Your Lock Screen


Please share if you think anyone you love could benefit from making their emergency medical information accessible.

I have some significant allergies and I probably should wear a medical alert bracelet, but I don’t, because I always have my iPhone with me so my medical information is in my phone – which is locked. Duh! How exactly are the cute paramedics going to find that important information? I’m sure that I’m the first person to ever have this brilliant idea and I’m willing to share my light bulb moment with you.

Take a photo or use your current lock screen photo. Watermark the photo (I used the app iWatermark, Photoshop will add words to a photo also) with the emergency contact information, allergies and any significant medical conditions – i.e. Diabetes, seizures, heart conditions, etc.
Save the photo with the watermark. Send it or share it with your smart phone and then save it as your lock screen. Ta Da
Now the cute fireman, mmmm, I love a buff fireman, can see your contact information without your password. Of course anyone who picks up your phone can see it too so keep it simple and on a need to know basis.

And yes, I am ordering a medical alert bracelet too from here.

I like this discrete bracelet.
Lauren's Hope


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  1. Mark says:

    Great idea! I used the same idea incase the phone gets lost… If found, please call Me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or yyy-yyy-yyyy, Thank You.


    1. Hi Mark, Good idea. Or if we have a Senior moment, “If I’m lost please return me to ….”


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