Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge, December 1 st


Uncover your eyes and stop crying over your Holiday weight gain.

It happens ever year. My patients come in for their end of the year appointment or their first of the year appointment and cry over their weight. I hate to see you cry so let’s commit to a maintain, don’t gain strategy this year. I have 24 ideas to consider during the hectic month of December. Of course these are good ideas all year long but they are especially helpful during the Christmas season. I know you’re busy but it is much easier to keep the pounds off than to lose them later, especially in the middle years. You know that I’m right.

If you don’t already subscribe to this blog via email then join us today. I’ll send a Don’t Gain reminder to your inbox every day this month. If you feel like sharing the post on Facebook or Twitter then go for it. If you are rocking the challenge then let us know in the comments. There’s no obligation, it’s just for fun and wellness promotion.

Today’s Challenge: Find a buddy and weigh yourself.
Find a friend, family member or coworker to do the challenge with. Be accountable to each other. Weigh yourself today and write down your commitment to maintain and not gain between now and Christmas.


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