December 4 th, Pack Your Lunch

Maintain, Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge

Challenge: Pack your lunch the night before work.

How many times does the morning rush get in the way of your good intentions? Kids fed, dog fed, husband fed (you’re on your own buddy, I’m busy), protein eaten, skirt zipped (in my case, scrubs tied), two shoes of the same color, keys, briefcase and stethescope…. check, check, check. And out the door with … No lunch for yourself.

Try packing a bento box with salad, carrot sticks, a piece of cheese or a boiled egg or a lettuce wrap the night before so your lunch is ready to grab and go. Leftovers from dinner can be dished into one or two lunch size meals right from the table. If you have a lunch pre-made then you won’t be tempted to scarf down a fast food, 1000 calorie meal or worse Hoover through the lunch room candy and potato chip cheese casserole that someone had leftover from a potluck.

I’m just saying that planning ahead will reduce your stress and strengthen your defenses against holiday weight gain.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Great advise as always.


    1. Yes Suzanne. I’m full of it, advice that is. 😉


      1. LoL, always looking for good advice. Thank you.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Lunch packed, check!! It seems easy but it is easy to forget. I have been on an easy pack lunch roll lately, yeah !


    1. Back from the island Stacey? I just don’t understand how people can afford to eat out every day at lunch. The cost on the waist line alone is mind boggling.


      1. Yes, back and just saw this. I completely agree, I am waiting for a sandwich now at the French Bakery because I forgot my lunch; first time in months though.


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