Savory Rosemary Cheddar Cheesecake – Reduced Fat and Vegetarian

Savory rosemary cheesecake

Holiday Challenge, December 15th: Meatless Monday

Serve these savory cheesecakes with a salad and fruit for a vegetarian meal or bring them to a party with apple slices for a protein rich appetizer.

Savory rosemary cheesecake

Savory Cheddar Rosemary Cheesecakes

  • Servings: 12
  • Difficulty: easy
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3/4 cup toasted panko bread crumbs
1/4 cup toasted walnuts
2 tablespoons melted butter

8 oz reduced fat cream cheese
4 oz reduced fat sharp cheddar cheese grated
2 eggs
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary chopped or 1 teaspoon dried
1 glove garlic minced
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon ground pepper

Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F.

Spray 12 muffin tin with olive oil mist and set aside.

Lightly toast the walnuts and the bread crumbs separately in a sautéed pan. Watch carefully to prevent burning. Place the bread crumbs, walnuts and butter in a food processor and process until combined. Press crumb mixture into the bottoms of the muffin cups to make a crust. Bake 5 to 6 minutes. Let cool completely.

Beat the cheddar and cream cheese in a food processor or with a mixer until smooth. Add the eggs , garlic, salt and pepper and mix until blended. Add the rosemary and combine. Pour mixture into the prepared pan and bake until set, golden and puffed, but not loose in the center, about 20 minutes.

Remove from the oven and cool at room temperature. You can serve these chilled or at room temperature. Of course room temperature cheese will always have more flavor.

Serving suggestion: Plate 1-2 cheesecakes over arugula and thinly sliced red and green apples. Drizzle with a citrus or cranberry vinaigrette. These cakes would pair well with oranges, grapes, pears, spinach, kale, whole cranberry sauce or orange marmalade.

Savory rosemary cheesecake

The original recipe by Emeril was made with blue cheese and a port reduction sauce which sounds amazing for a special occasion.

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  1. This is a wonderful recipe. I especially love the crust, panic and nuts is such a great idea.


    1. Panic and nuts? That sounds like another type of post perhaps about mental health. 🙂 you girls think I don’t read what you write. Ha ha love autocorrect.


  2. This recipe sounds so delicious. I love rosemary and grow more of it every year. And, who doesn’t like cheese?


    1. I like cheese. Therefore, I’m afraid that I can’t be a full time vegan. Are you hosting up a storm Julie?


      1. My son is coming home. Yeah! So just a small group for Christmas Eve and we will go to my husbands brothers on Christmas. It won’t be anything stressful. How about you Tracey?


  3. It’s pretty quiet around here. Our oldest is the surgical intern so there’s no hope of seeing him and the youngest has a fiancée so we have to share him. The extended family is doing a potluck before Christmas so I can bring something healthy to eat. I keep writing about stress but I’m pretty relaxed at the moment.


  4. Savory cheesecake is a favorite of mine. Happy holiday!


    1. Happy Holiday Stacey. Have the pups been naughty or nice? Biscuit has been a good dog but probably only because there’s an “Elf on the Shelf”, otherwise I’m sure he would run a muck.


      1. Happy holidays to you. Biscuit knows to behave now, that’s good…

        Buddy has been nice and Ginger has been naughty! Santa will probably still be by our house for the cookies and the carrots.

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