December 16, Refocusing, Let’s Be Honest


Let’s Be Honest

Keeping our goals in mind is difficult when we are being bombarded with stress. Perhaps you are feeling a “spending hangover”, you haven’t been getting enough sleep, you are planning too many events, your year-end chores at work are overwhelming or you are just plain exhausted from the hub bub of the season. It may help to refocus on your personal goals.

Be Mindful
Where is the stress coming from?
How can I better manage the stress?
Are all of these tasks and events really important to me?

Refocus and Recommit
What are my fitness goals?
Why did I set these goals?
Are my goals realistic?
How can I restructure so that I can meet my goals, or how can I restructure my goals to match my current situation? Goals can be flexible.

When you feel doubt, pay close attention to your emotions. Reflect on your values and why you want to live a healthy lifestyle. There are a lot of reasons for eating well and staying active – what are yours? Setting goals, writing them down, and reflecting on them often (especially after a deviation) can get you back on track.

Now Write it Down

My goals are ____________.

My personal goals are to continue to lose weight while I focus on eating real food and increase the intensity and duration of my workouts. I want to add strength training to my weekly workouts in such a way as to avoid injuries.


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