Top 10 Reasons Not To Workout: Let’s be Honest

Excuses Not To Workout

1) The cute outfit that you bought for your 2014 New Years Resolution: Gym Comeback, still has the tags on. Besides it barely fit in January and it certainly doesn’t fit now. Ouch.
2) Your Zumba class is having a “Bring your cat to class day”, and everyone knows that you can’t herd cats to salsa music.
3) Your personal trainer really is SATAN.

4) You prepay your gym membership for a year and you calculate that each spin class cost you $150 in 2014. There are 9 days left in the year so f%#€ it! why bother now.
5) The Stairmaster ate your hoodie 10 years ago and a cute guy had to rescue you before you were strangled and you haven’t recovered from the shame. No reason to get over that. The guy would certainly recognize you now.
6) You are always the thinnest, fittest girl in the boot camp class and you don’t want others to feel self conscious. I know, right?
7) Yoga gives you gas. EVERY STINKING TIME!
8) Your workout buddy doesn’t really need your support. She’s used to going it alone. Besides it was a loose arrangement and it’s not as if you promised with a spit handshake. Or maybe you did, there was drinking involved.
9) Your Lululemon yoga pants are see through and it’s not as if they are stretched to capacity. Why what have you heard?
10) And the best reasons to never exercise are …drum roll please
You like feeling sluggish. You really don’t mind being short of breath when you climb 3 stairs. You like not being able to tie your own shoes, carry your own groceries, or lift your travel bag to the overhead bin. You don’t mind and can afford to take medication for diabetes or hypertension or heart disease
Or _________ Fill in the blank with any sedentary lifestyle associated illness that you would like to have, because you just might get your wish.

Make a wish with a plan and get fit in 2015.


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  1. Mark says:

    I was reading this blog while sweating out my 45 minutes on the Stairmaster. I got a great laugh out of it…
    However, what if I live in a ranch style house, wear flip flops, check my bags all the time, and only eat at the closest McDonalds Drive through for each meal. 🙂
    Seriously, you are right on! Keep up the great work doctor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Then you would be the average American and I will always have a job taking care of your lifestyle illnesses. Win,win? I think not. ;-(
      Do not use the M word in reference to food on this blog. Ever!


  2. Enjoyed this post and read through other posts. I will def keep reading. Happy new year


    1. Thanks for stopping by Carolina Girl. Happy New Year

      Liked by 1 person

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