New Year’s Resolution: Wishing For Change Is Not a Plan

New year's Resolutions

Hope is not a plan. Turn your wish into a plan.

What really matters to you in 2015 and what’s your plan?

Try this exercise. Start by writing down a resolution, which is really just a glorified wish. Now write down a concrete plan to make it happen. If the resolution appears to be too much to tackle in the moment i.e. you have no idea how to start, then reframe it. This exercise is about success not failure.

If the resolution is too much for you now then write down a plan to get you closer to your goal. For example, “I will run a marathon in 2015” may not be realistic for you but “I will walk for 30 minutes every day for 6 weeks, then I will start a couch to 5K plan if these old knees will allow it”. Now you have turned a wish into a realistic plan.

Here are my intentions for 2105.

I will remain committed to healthy eating: I will continue to develop delicious and nutritious recipes and share them with you.
I want a balanced mind and body: I will improve my cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility by scheduling my workouts for the week on Sunday nights. I will schedule time to meditate every day.
I will continue to find grace in my daily work as a physician: I will keep an open heart.
I will remain grateful even in the face of challenge: I will begin and end my day with gratitude.

Being honest with yourself about your priorities and your faults is a good place to start if you truly want to change.

I hope that you enjoyed my “Let’s Be Honest” series in 2014. Here are the links for any posts that you may have missed.

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  1. All great goals and we should all aspire to, the thing is it’s not out of reach or difficult just takes commitment. Happy New Year.

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