The Thing About Regrets

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The Thing About Regrets

I have kicked many a stone down the tracks but that mutt still follows me.

My best friend in medical school, older and wiser, had protested and stormed out of the canine lab that day. She would have rescued that mutt if the white coated professor hadn’t stopped her.

The rationale? For the greater good of human medicine. For the greater good of sentient beings.

The mangy mutt with no choices had stayed. Her rights had been euthanized the day the kill shelter had picked her up, unwanted and unloved, off the street.

I had a choice that day and I had stayed.

That’s the thing about regrets, they hound you. I’ve long forgotten the important cardio-physiology but I can’t forget that beautiful mutt, that wasted life, that meaningless death.

Fictioneer Friday

38 responses to “The Thing About Regrets

  1. sad story. there should be a better way.


  2. Ginger and buddy say “la, la, la…I can’t hear you…!” I say, no! Wh a a a a t?


  3. Beautifully done. I still have guilt feelings about dissecting a frog years ago in a biology class for non-science majors. It wasn’t necessary, we were English majors fulfilling a requirement. I said nothing and went ahead. Wish this was my worst regret, but it’s still there.

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  4. Dear Tracey,

    Your beautiful words, heavy with meaning, sent waves of regret through me as well.



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  5. A well executed story and an interesting take on the photo prompt.


  6. Dear Tracey,

    That sentient being.

    (Your writing moves me, Tracey. I know of no better compliment to give. Loved the inclusion of the word ‘hounds’. Masterful work. Do quit your day job.)



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  7. Michael B. Fishman

    Kill shelter 😦 This is a sad story and, I’m afraid, maybe autobiographical? I’m not sure though that all the regrets we have are bad if we learn from them and help others to not make them.

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    • Yes, a very personal and true regret. I think they stopped doing dog labs at Nevada after my classmates protested. I wasn’t brave enough or mature enough then to speak out but my classmates were brave and they changed the curriculum. There was a ground swell of students across the nation protesting unnecessary animal labs in the early ’80s. I do understand the necessity of animal research but this was worthless. Thanks for commenting Michael.

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  8. I disected a worm once – I had forgotten that. Good story, well written.

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  9. Very thought-provoking and moving.
    Thank you also for describing (in your comment to Michael B) the story behind the story.
    We all have regrets. It’s what we do next that matters.

    PS The ‘covered wagon’ is great – I love your feedback almost as much as your stories!

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  10. Powerful. To write from the perspective of a non-protester is so effective – because so many of us can identify. I’m very glad to read in your comments that there was a change of practice.

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  11. Tracey, excellent portrayal of someone haunted by regret. I only condone using animals for experiments if the only alternative is to experiment on humans and only if really necessary. Of course, who determines that is vital as well. I agree with dog that the use of “hounds” was well done.


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  12. Powerful story. Especially liked the word choice ‘they hound you’. Very well done!

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  13. Beautifully written, Tracey. I can well understand your feelings of regret about this. It’s fortunate that things have moved on and med schools have simulation models now (as you mentioned above). You brought out the emotion well in this piece. 🙂

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    • Millie, There’s another reason to be grateful for computer technology but I suppose a case could be made that the simulation models are based on a century of real animal and human observations and research.

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      • Yes, computer technology has made so much difference in many fields. The advances in medicine have been enormous and wonderful. Your work must be quite awesome, Tracey – also constantly changing. 🙂


  14. Lovely – great story telling. ‘That’s the thing about regrets – they hound you’ – couldn’t be more perfect. Really well done!

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  15. Chilling.. what a story of a wasted life.. I remember a book by Richard Adams about two dogs escaping..

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  16. Her rights had been euthanized the day the kill shelter had picked her up
    Wow!!! A great line among many. Well done.


  17. Difficult choices don’t make for an easy life. Hope your protagonist remembers some of her learning – don’t say otherwise.


  18. Words that craft regret in its essence. Beautifully written.


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