A Farewell Caress – Fictioneer Friday

Friday Fictioneers
Photo: Erin Leary

A Farewell Caress

She touched her breast in a farewell caress, the nipple still sensitive. Cocooned in the warm silk sheets she watched her lover sleep, a soft snore and a tiny smile on his lips.

Was this the last time?

A gentle sigh, he was so accepting in his sleep. Why had her faith in him, in them, fled?

As if he could hear her thoughts, the snore faded but the smile remained and he whispered, “You are more to me than a breast. Your breast is just one more layer of flesh that keeps me from touching your heart. Sleep now, we can let it go together, tomorrow.”

Breast cancer is so deeply personal and as with any complex human experience, you and I can never really know what another person is thinking. In this essay, my character has not discussed her fear of disfigurement with her spouse but he knows her so well that her dark thoughts are clear to him. I wanted to celebrate his ability to keep her close, rejoicing in their intimate connection, while still reassuring her that he will not leave her alone as she parts with her breast.

You can find more flash fiction at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, Addicted to Purple here


36 responses to “A Farewell Caress – Fictioneer Friday

  1. That’s so deep & touching.
    Sadly, many are afflicted by this terrible disease. Hope all are safe & healthy & don’t have to part with prized possessions/body-parts…

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  2. Wonderful story. Loved this. Very well done.

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  3. Dear Tracey,

    You’d better be saving these somewhere, archiving them for the future because you’re going to want to use them in longer versions. People will want to read your words and live in your imaginary worlds because of the light you bring to them. Well done, as I said in my shout out. You have a gift.



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    • Doug, I’ve thought about writing longer pieces but flash fiction is perfect for the way I process data. I listen, observe, diagnose and plan in rapid sequence on a daily basis, which is not to say that I can’t or won’t slow down and broaden my focus when necessary. I will take your advice someday and start with this piece and end with Tangling Roots. “A breast cancer journey written in stream of consciousness.” Do you think Mrs. Dalloway and Virginia Woolf might approve?
      I’m listening, Tracey
      Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo for the shout out.

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  4. Dear Tracey,

    Deeply moving. He’s a keeper.



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    • Rochelle, I am profoundly grateful to you for providing a safe haven where I can give a voice to the human suffering that I have had the privilege of experiencing. If I can see breast cancer in a mushroom field, who knows what I might come up with. Be well, Tracey


  5. A beautiful reaffirming piece. May we all have his heart.

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  6. A scary topic for so many of us. This takes the edge off.

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  7. First off, your title got me…I was looking at everyone and thought…can I read all of them? Yours jumped in front. I have some physical challenges, not that one, but others so I know how women suffer. Your piece moved me.


  8. sensitively written, great

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  9. A truly moving piece, Tracey. I can see why Doug gave you a shout out. There is a kind of gentleness here, too, and layering of love and acceptance.

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  10. “Layering of love and acceptance” what a lovely comment Amy. That’s exactly what I wanted to convey. Accepting and loving her with cancer and later without her breast. I was afraid that the sex would make him seem shallow but in fact it adds another layer of acceptance. He wasn’t willing to let her pull away and hide her feelings in the darkness alone. Thank you for letting me see my character more clearly.


  11. You write with authenticity. I love that!

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  12. So moving, so touching. (No pun intended.)

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  13. Really deep. Touching. So much more than it seems. Well done!

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  14. So much emotion in this piece. Volumes told. Peace within turmoil. Bravo.

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  15. A well written story on an extremely sensitive subject that affects so many women. A supportive man included created a touching ending. : )

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  16. Such tenderness. in the saddest of moments.. .It seems she has the right man to take her through…

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  17. A very lovely touching story.

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  18. I got a little choked up on this one. Very well written. 5 stars.


  19. That was so lovely it made me cry. I think I will keep an eye on your blog now. 🙂


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