Dr. Google Will Never Know You Like I Do or Care as Much

My blog friends saw it here first. My Dr. Google Post has been syndicated. Please take the time to visit KevinMD.com and comment and like me.

Here’s my skeptical face, “You want to feature my little post? Really? Well ok if it makes the world a better place.”
Actually I said, “Yes, wow, yes.” Or something like that.


Here’s a link to my syndicated post at KevinMD.com


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  1. Hilda says:

    Congratulations! You have another follower.

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  2. A Home Cook says:

    I wish we had doctors here that listen. We needed to drive for 4 hours to find one that listens and runs tests to find out what’s wrong.

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    1. You’re in the majority with your comment about doctors not listening. That makes me sad but there’s truth in your words.
      Thank you for sharing your frustration,

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  3. Amanda Wooldridge says:

    I often do lots of internet research, but always after I receive a diagnosis. Many years ago, I was told that my episodes of tachycardia and syncope (or near-syncope) were the result of anxiety attacks by my OB (I was pregnant at the time). Although I became skeptical, I did find information on the web that seemed to confirm the diagnosis. As it turns out, it was Wolff Parkinson White syndrome.

    Congratulations on having your post syndicated. You write very well and I’m not surprised to see others appreciate your work. It was a great piece.

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    1. Thanks Amanda,
      I hope you’re on the mend.


  4. Angie says:

    Congratulations! I read it and it was an eye-opener since I do a lot of internet research. I guess I should remember that just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s true or correct.

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    1. Well unless I say it and then it’s true! Ha ha

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      1. Angie says:



  5. Congratulations Tracey – I am terrible for looking online and then getting confused with the info. Your article really opened my eyes to things I already kind of knew, just needed you to say it ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. When one has never EVER had a doctor (out of hundreds) who cared, anything, even Google, would be welcome – necessary – life-saving.

    Filled with painful tumors that doctors have ignored for two decades – now painfully cutting off my oxygen to my throat – I know that most doctors do not care, do not research and will not listen at all.


    1. I’m sorry that your experience with healthcare in general has been so disappointing. I certainly can’t speak for anyone but myself but I wish you well because that’s all I can do in the moment.


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