6 Emotional Stages Experienced With An Unsuccessful Blog Post #blogger #blog #writer

In no way should this influence (aka blackmail) my friends and family who occasionally “like” my posts on Facebook but can’t seem to find the “share” button. It’s not as if I obsess about it or anything. πŸ˜‰


You excitedly tap out a blog post. In your head you see this post as the one which will catapult you into the blogging hall of fame. Your blog notifications will go into meltdown. Cue big grin, cheeky wink at a passing loved one and an air punch as you press publish!

Here are the emotional stages experienced as this post tanks:

1. Optimism – You remain hopeful despite your stats tool flatlining. You happily check the clock to see whether international readers are awake (always assume their lives revolve around your blogging schedule), check google for world holidays, festivals and celebrations. There must be another reason why your amazing post has tanked. Always remain positive. Those international readers could be having a cheeky lie in!

2. Denial – You ignore the fact that your post failed to attract readers and do what I do – put it down to…

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  1. Isn’t that the truth.love it!!

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    1. ha ha the blackmail didn’t even work
      Thwarted again.

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