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What’s For Dinner? Ratatouille With Chicken


Ratatouille With Chicken

Slice eggplant, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes into thin slices. I used cherry tomatoes and left them whole. Cut chicken breast into 1 inch pieces and lightly salt and pepper. Drizzle olive oil in a baking dish. Layer vegetables, basil leaves and chicken in the baking dish. Bake for 40 minutes in a 375 F oven. I topped mine with slices of fresh mozzarella and returned the ratatouille to the oven and broiled until the cheese melted. Serve with a crisp green salad and fruit for a complete rainbow colored meal.


Mr. Edwards and the Open Road, #Friday Fictioneers

Every time I think I can’t possibly find a story within the photo prompt, Mr. Edwards, my novel time traveler, nudges me and begs for another 100 words.  The poor man tries to squeeze every last thrill out of his 100 word life.  We should all do the same.

Will he ever get the girl? Will he ever get his own novel life? Those are the unanswered questions which in fact do not worry him in the least.

We can all learn from Mr. Edwards, “It’s the journey that matters not the destination. Don’t wait until the last page to really live.”

Photo credit @The Reclining Gentleman

Photo credit @The Reclining Gentleman

Mr. Edwards and The Open Road

By Tracey Delaplain

In a supreme effort to impress Ms. Fanny before the dastardly handsome Juan Wayne would steal her heart in chapter 17, Mr. Edwards divined the brilliant idea to take her on a road trip, whereby he could woo her without interruption. He tiptoed out of chapter 13, his appearance on the page would after all not be missed until chapter 17, whereby without an intervention, the widow Fanny would reject his fumbled advances.
The fact that Mr. Edwards had never driven and had forgotten to pick up the widow was of no consequence. He appropriated a chariot and took to the open road. Speeding down the causeway at 10 mph he welcomed the police escort.


I know, I know, I’m over Mr. Edwards’ 100 word allotment but give the guy a break he so loves to steal a few extra words.
For more flash fiction from my pals at Friday Fictioneers go here.

What’s For Dinner? : Let’s Be Honest

Friends and family often ask, “What do you really eat?” I guess they think that I’m fabricating when I say, “I eat real food, mostly plants, some chicken and lots of fish.” I don’t eat bread, pasta, processed foods or much sugar. (Yes, you can live without simple carbohydrates.) Those of you who know me, know that I’m not perfect. 🙂 I do love a glass or two of wine.

I save my carbohydrate calories for an amazing piece of dessert to share or a square of dark chocolate. If I eat bread it better be spectacular sour dough right out of the oven or to me it isn’t worth eating.

Every day is a reason to celebrate with fresh healthy food, not an excuse to feast on the average American diet of processed foods and sugar.

If you want to feel better then start with eating right.

It works, I promise.

Let’s play a game of What’s for Dinner?

This is actually how I create meals for my family. I buy the freshest, seasonal ingredients so my refrigerator is stocked with vegetables, fruits, lean meats and fish. The secret of course is to actual eat the produce that you buy. 😉

Here’s what’s in the house


Italian squash
Red and orange peppers
Chicken breast or tofu
Olive oil
Any herbs or spices you like


This is how I play the dinner game.

Pick a cuisine

Italian, Mexican, Indian, American, Fusion

Now add your spices
Italian – basil, oregano, garlic
Indian – ginger, turmeric, curry blends
Mexican – jalapeños, chili powder, cumin
Fusion- Any herb or spice will do. It’s your palette, mix any flavors that appeal to you.

Bake it, sauté it, braise it, or grill it

What will you make for dinner?
Stay tuned and I’ll show you what I made for dinner in my next post.



The Autumn/Fall Menu | September 2015

This gallery contains 5 photos.

I’m so excited for the Fall Dinner Party Collective. This is free dinner party and wine pairing advice at its best. Go check it out and follow along. Good food and good company increases your happiness factor!

Pimp Your Veg part 2: spices are your friend! 

More veggie magic from Elaine @FoodBod. Its all about the spice, ’bout the spice.


If you have ever read any of my blog then you know that I love spices; these beautifully coloured aromatic powders have the power to not only nourish and heal our bodies, but to completely change any meal.

Just a teaspoon of the right spice can take a dish from bland to grand!

When it comes to embracing vegetables and learning to add more of them to your meals, I think spices are your secret weapon. You can bring all the flavours you love to your plate via your vegetables and make them sing.

Likewise you can use dried herbs, but for me, it’s all about spices, that’s where I would begin…and again, I know that lots of you use spices regularly and know far more than me about them, so please pass this onto to anyone you think might find it useful 🙂

Please keep in mind, this is…

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The Auto Correct From Hell: An Apology!

I am so sorry that you may have received an email with my last post with a typo in the title. It should have said, “Share a Coke with Obesity” Not Come.
Feel free to delete me off or your email list.
Ugh, I hate autocorrect because I swear it changes words after I close WordPress.
I’m going to shut up now and I’m blushing.

Share a Coke With “Obesity”

The medical community is unhappy with Coke for funding bogus research to prove that Coke is good for your health. The folks at Center for Science of the Public Interest produced a YouTube video showing how Coke refuses to #ShareHonesty about their products.

Please go to the website and submit your honest label for Coke.

Share a Coke with
Obesity, Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Tooth Decay