A Novel Romance #FridayFictioneers

Photo credit @Rochelle Wiseoff-Fields

If you missed the story of Mr. Edwards and his stumble into a new century you can read about him here. For more entertaining flash fiction please follow the link to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, the weekly host of Friday Fictioneers.

Genre: Novel Time Travel
A Novel Romance
by Tracey Delaplain

Mr. Edwards, having recently jumped to the conclusion that life outside of his novel would be more rewarding than living within its confines, had miscalculated the consequences of empty pockets and limited word resources in this new century. Putting himself at considerable risk of literary derision, he re-entered his birth novel at a new location.

The boarding house in chapter 13, which was owned by the voluptuous Widow Fanny, was a perfect venue for a novel romance. Having interrupted the word flow, Mr. Edwards felt certain that the author would see the merits of re-writing the dusty old novel to include the 10,000 word life that Mr. Edwards rightfully deserved.

38 responses to “A Novel Romance #FridayFictioneers

  1. Dear Tracey,

    This is not only imaginative, inventive and clever, it’s also mind-boggling. Well done.



    PS It’s ‘Wisoff’ no ‘e’ although I had a teacher in junior high who referred to me as Wise-off.

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  2. I’m getting Dickensian and Regency eras here. Great contemporary rhythm to the language.

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  3. Very imaginative take on the prompt, loved the ‘voice’.

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  4. “Widow Fanny” is inspired!

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  5. This is great – really different.

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  6. I remember Mr. Edwards and it’s great to read about him again. Great story, if only we could wander through the pages of our books at will.

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  7. Whatever you put in your coffee, I want some of it.
    Hilarious and spaced out.

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  8. I wonder what Widow Fanny thought he deserved? Naughty boy.

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  9. I agree, 10,000 words is not too much to ask.

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  10. Very interesting! Don’t you love how the characters so often control the writer? 😀😀😀

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  11. Very good and highly imaginative. I’m loving Mr Edwards and his adventures!

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  12. Really different and imaginative, Tracey. He deserves that 10,000 word count at the very least. And, hopefully, he’ll get the girl, too. Well done.

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  13. Loved Mr Edwards the first time around – lovely to see him back. I am trying to think of a work where the characters rebel (plenty where the author intrudes) but I can’t. Lots of great potential here Tracey!

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  14. Very imaginative take on the prompt Tracey and i just love the voice. Wonder where he will turn up next?

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  15. Reminds me a bit of the Thursday Next books – book characters moving through time and through other books. Very clever.

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  16. Fluid, piquant and trippy.
    and deservedly so….
    😉 Randy

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  17. Wonderfully quirky and most entertaining. I’m sure the plot can only be enhanced by Mr Edwards little jumps. It’ll keep readers on their toes.

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  18. I’d forgotten about Mr Edwards – nice to see him again, starring in yet another century of words. 10,000 words is a quite modest goal I would have thought – a long short story? Novella? I wish him well.

    Great work, the concept of the character living within the book and aware of the words etc is very creative.

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  19. What an inspired idea…so creative to have a character in a story be able to leave the confines of the book and explore elsewhere…genius! And delightful too.
    Gayle ~

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