The Auto Correct From Hell: An Apology!

I am so sorry that you may have received an email with my last post with a typo in the title. It should have said, “Share a Coke with Obesity” Not Come.
Feel free to delete me off or your email list.
Ugh, I hate autocorrect because I swear it changes words after I close WordPress.
I’m going to shut up now and I’m blushing.


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  1. It happens to all of us!!

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    1. Yes but … the word substitution was epic today.
      Oh well, I can laugh about it now and I don’t have to worry about losing sponsors. hee hee
      That’s for your support friend.

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      1. I have had some really bad auto correct blunders like really bad and didn’t catch until too late! Price we pay for modern convenience I guess.

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  2. Hilda says:

    I didn’t catch your error before, but thanks for pointing it out. It made me chuckle. Great post anyway, so no worries.

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    1. Oh good, I was aghast but now it’s hilarious


  3. wildbilbo says:

    I don’t know how many close calls I’ve had with “kind regards” in work emails… That g is so close to the t key…

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    1. That would be tragic at work. Although they may well resemble the comment. ha ha

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  4. pursuitofanewadventure says:

    Loss (actually that just happened) and kiss follow the same Swype pattern as load (just had to retype from loss again). Thanks for the loss see! I’m in shipping. One is a problem. Two is harassment although most of them would like it. I can no long Swype load!

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  5. Ha ha!!! These things happen x

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