Big Bird Gets the Axe

Photo Credit@Luther Siler

Big Bird Gets the Axe

“Sesame Street’s themes of tolerance and acceptance are outdated and Fox News has approached us with an affiliate agreement that would increase market shares for both organizations. If we start teaching hate in pre-school, we are certain to recruit future Fox viewers. Cruella, please show us your design for Big Bird’s replacement.”

“Behold The Trumpet Bird with his contorted red face and hilarious topknot. He will screech intolerance. In his first episode, The Trumpet will close the borders of Sesame Street and all residents will be appropriately labeled.”

“Brilliant! Kids don’t know who to hate until we show them and we at Fox believe that labels can not go too far.”

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I make no apologies for my word count or for showing my Liberal Female Republican Catholic roots. What’s your label going to say? The true danger in this country lies within our own borders. Fear, ignorance, intolerance, and hate threaten to undermine the very ideals of these United States.


42 responses to “Big Bird Gets the Axe

  1. Wow! You hit it the nail on the Trumpet’s head. This is delightful.

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  2. Eesh… scary thought!

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  3. Nice satirical comment on current affairs (and one dangerous idiot).

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  4. is that what’s left of big bird in the picture? at least, it should be given a decent burial. 😦

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  5. Your Fox News must be our Daily Mail, Tracey. A realistic comment on our times. Well done.

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  6. Dear Tracey,

    I’d like to take my ax to the Trumpet. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry or scream over your story. Too true for comfort. Well done.



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  7. Loved it. I usually refer to that group as the party of Fear & Hate as they rarely bring anything positive to the table.

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  8. Is the genre of your story: realistic news? Scary to think that a Trumpet has gotten so far in the political stage and even scarier to think there is a majority who support him.
    Well written parody.

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  9. Well done! It certainly catches what seems to be the message those groups are handing out.


  10. Very topical. I’ve heard bits and bobs about this candidate thing in America and Trump sounds like he has some pretty scary ideas. Nicely written!

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  11. This sounds too close to the truth… Fox and RT is about the same thing isn’t it?

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  12. The contorted red face and ridiculous topknot is *perfect* — although this would be a lot funnier if it weren’t so terrifyingly close to the truth!

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  13. Fiction has never more scary, Tracey. Truly. You nailed it! I’m glad to see someone from the right being sensible. Thank you.

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  14. Very funny and clever metaphor. You speak the truth,doctor!

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  15. haha! brilliant! Hopefully the Trumpet Bird will be extinct before long, anything else is too terrifying to consider…

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  16. OMG..I love this!
    Preach it sister.

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  17. Wonderfully pointed. Your allusion may be to your local issues, but the sentiments apply worldwide. Fantastic satire.

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  18. You really spoke your mind with that one, Tracey. How refreshing. I never see Fox News here, but I heard that some think they’re playing into ISIS hands when they advocate boots on the ground. At least, that’s what I heard. Here we get CNN, BBC, and the Indian news stations. Sometimes I wonder if the terrorists are taking notes from the news given out about where you can find out information, etc. They probably know where to find everything, though. Well done. — Suzanne

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  19. I’m a new follower, and loved this post! I have some of the same roots, and your post made me smile and smirk and nod my head! 🙂

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