December Fitness Tips – Revisited

Holiday challenge:Dance is if no one is watching

Holiday Challenge: Dance as if no one is watching.

Having trouble keeping your Maintain Don’t Gain promise? Maybe these strategies will help.

1) Crank up the holiday music and dance as if no one is watching. Close the drapes just in case. If you need dance ideas then watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, those queens have to “Lip sync and dance for their lives”.

2) Put cat food in your jello salad; a calorie bargain. No, I don’t have the recipe but watch “Christmas Vacation” and Aunt Bethany will show you how’s it’s done.

3) Organize a neighborhood “Griswald Christmas 5K” unless your exterior illumination is subpar then jog by yourself and make snide comments about the neighbors’ electrical bills.

4) Bake cookies in a bikini. It keeps others out of the kitchen while you create and it might limit the number of cookies you eat before they go into the oven. Or it could lead to an interesting extra curricular activity that burns calories too. 😉

5) Eat raw cookie dough. The salmonella infection will result in temporary weight loss if you don’t die. (It’s a joke people, don’t send me hate mail and don’t eat raw eggs because Salmonella is not really funny.)

6) Buy the Zombie Run app for your smart phone and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Best done at night because fear burns more calories. (You read it here first)

7) Watch “Four Christmases” and then practice your cage fighting moves on your sister.

8) Aerobic gift wrapping. Drink 3 espressos and get’r done. You know that you aren’t even close to finished. Just do it.

9) Take a vow to only eat food that you have harvested or killed with your bare hands. Also known as a Paleo Diet.

10) Learn to ice skate, the outfits are cute. Hello! The Ice Capades are calling!







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  1. I love your holiday fitness tips.

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  2. pursuitofanewadventure says:

    Omg i love This! No lie i JUST did a dance after watching Dirty Dancing 2 with Diego Luna. Seriously i love that guy. Makes me dance!

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  3. Dear Tracey,

    All I can say is this is hilarious. Thanks for the holiday laugh.



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    1. Just trying be less Grinchy and spread some holiday cheer.


    1. Thanks. I should be taking my own advice. ;-(

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      1. Ha ha! You’ll still find me at the gym, Christmas or not! I’m annoying like that….!!


  4. hugmamma says:

    Love your killer female wit. Kept me reading on…

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  5. Good laugh with my coffee this morning… your tips are on my refrigerator 🙂 Happy Holidays to you Tracey!


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