A Blue Day On The Baja



A blue, pink and yellow day on the Baja.

I’m a little blue today despite the sunshine. What’s la Gringa to do when she’s got the Baja Blues? Put on some music and dye eggs with colorful vegetables from the food bin, of course.

We have been in Mexico away from our family since early November 2016. I have celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and now Easter away from Nevada. I didn’t expect to care so much about holidays when I moved to Mexico but I think it’s a reality of expat life. Holidays have always been family celebrations and I’m missing my family a lot today. It’s true that the kids are too busy adulting to miss us and they don’t actually care where we live but when a holiday is on the horizon they act as though they miss us too. My grandson was going to see the Easter Bunny, my sister will be hunting eggs with her grand children and attending mass, my sons and their mates might cook a ham or drop in at the in laws house. They are celebrating with comforting family traditions.

I’m celebrating by avoiding town. Our rural seaside village becomes a madhouse with Semanta Santa (Holy Week) revelry. It seems all of Mexico is on vacation this week.

Expat Blues?
I think the real answer for the Baja Blues is to make new traditions and stay in touch with everyone you love regardless of where you drop your flip flops.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate and Hoppy Easter to those who don’t.

I was inspired by this post at My Recipes.


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  1. Looks to me like you created a lovely colourful new tradition 🙂
    I think when you’re an expat, it really shows what things and people and events mean to you, and sometimes it surprises you just what you miss.
    I’m sure that my love of Christmas here in the cold and dark in the U.K. is a result of so many years celebrating Christmas in the heat in the Middle East…

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    1. Thanks Elaine. I was actually surprised that this holiday gave me the blues, out of the blue.

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      1. These things just hit you unawares sometimes don’t they?

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  2. Oh Amiga, you do have such a way with the written word. Thanks for sharing your true colors, they are beautiful, every one!
    Empathizing, still on the road, Quality Inn at Crescent City in the rain today!

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    1. It’s difficult to express sadness when you live in paradise so I’m glad you understand. Safe travels amiga.


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